UNDERSTANDING THE BASIC THEOLOGY OF MISSIONS PART ONE,Mission, the major task of the church is widely spoken of by Christians today, but the understanding of the concept and the way it should be done differ from people to people and places to places. It is often very important to compare the general understanding of the church about mission with what the Bible teaches. The true concept about mission does not only help us to do it correctly but also to maximize the use of God’s given (more…)

THE LOCAL CHURCH AND GLOBAL MISSIONS-PART FIVE. The general believe is that, mission which is the preaching of the gospel to those that have not heard it sufficiently enough to make a decision to follow Christ, or those among whom there is no viable or a strong church, is often considered as a ministry that every local church should be involved in doing. Far beyond this perception, mission is the overall life of the church because that is the major reason why the church exists.  There can’t be church if there is no mission and there will be no mission without the church. The early church was doing mission everywhere, every time and to every people in every circumstance. (more…)

GOD’S PURPOSE FOR HIS CHURCH-PART 17. God has made available every resource needed for all men to excel and fulfil His purpose on earth, but not many people enjoy these riches. While some are yet to discover these great and inexhaustible riches, some have not believed that they are there or real. Christians are then the most privileged people on earth because they live in total dependence on those riches. The extent to which the church will fulfil God’s purpose on earth depends on how much we maximise the use of these resources that God has made available for His people. We shall be sharing on one of those important riches of God called ‘grace’. (more…)

THE HEART OF COMPASSION-PART 9. Have you ever thought of how it will look like if every person, people and tribe on the face of the earth heard and received the gospel and became true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ? I think that would be the Kingdom of God on earth! That was the original plan of God when He created the first man, Adam, and put him in the ‘paradise’ of the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, this plan was truncated when Adam fell from grace to grass by eating of the fruit of knowledge of good and bad that God had forbidden him from eating. The whole earth and humanity entered into chaos, and since then God, because of His eternal purpose, has been seeking to reconcile man to Himself through different ways at different times. He gave the law through His prophet, Moses, in the Old Testament and grace through His Son Jesus Christ in the New Testament, all for the purpose of reconciliation and (more…)

THE HEART OF COMPASSION-PART 7.Where a true compassion is demonstrated, there is always both the giver and the receiver side. In the previous articles I have talked more on the attitude of the giver, which is the person that shows compassion. In this article, I want to talk more on the attitude of the receiver, which is the person to whom compassion is shown. Sometime there is a disposition that a needy man put up that attracts compassion to him, just as there is an attitude that a weak man displays that the strong men around him will not remain indifferent to his need. I am not saying that the people to whom we show compassion will always merit it or appreciate it, but I am saying that there are some attitudes that draw compassion to a needy person and this makes the goal of both the giver and the receiver to be achieved easily. Let’s look at the example of the Lord Jesus Christ with a Leper during one of His outreaches. (more…)

THE HEART OF COMPASSION-PART 6.We are living in an age and in the society in which men of compassion are very rare. This is simply because the world is organised in a way that makes people to think only of what they can gain and not what they can give. The system constrains everybody to live for himself and not for others, it is easier and safer to think of oneself than thinking of others. In the midst of this, I still believe that if we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us as believers in Christ we can make a difference in our society. I came to see an uncle at Egbeda in Lagos about 20 years ago – Lagos, the most populated city in Africa. I arrived at night, and all attempts to trace my uncle’s house with the address given to me did not work out. It was around midnight and I did not have enough money on me to put up in a Hotel, (more…)

THE HEART OF COMPASSION-PART 2. As one thirsts for water and hungers for food, so a heart of compassion hunger for souls, hungers for the poor and the needy to attend to.

John 4: 34 Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.

The welfare of man spirit souls and body to the glory of God is the primary concern of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the measuring standard for the heart of compassion. (more…)