Now I tell this parable. Simon and Mary were missionaries couple highly devoted to God’s service; they had three sons: Jacob, John and Samuel. One day the couple sat down with their three sons to ask what each of them would like to become in future. Jacob said, he would like to be a Medical Doctor, John said he would like to be a Pilot, while Samuel said he would like to be a Church Pastor. This couple was highly disappointed to hear that none of their children said he would like to be a missionary. They both turned to their three sons in their state of disappointment and said: “so none of you want to be a missionary like Dad and Mum”? Each of the children said: Yes! I would like to be a missionary, but not like Dad and Mum. Jacob said he would like to be a Medical Doctor, practice his profession fully, support mission financially and with his medical skill as much as possible whenever he is needed. John said, while working as a Pilot, he would support mission financially and equally help to ease missionaries’ journeys to mission fields as much as possible.  Samuel said while serving as a church pastor, his church will be a missionary church, committed to praying and giving for missions in every area.



This is a general saying and a truth about missions ‘everybody is called to be involved in mission, but not everybody is called into a full time missionary work’. Serving with your profession is another way you can also fulfill your mission mandate. Different areas of skills and professions are needed on the mission field, and it is possible for one to keep his or her job and still offer service on the mission fields where it is needed. There are places as well where it is difficult or impossible to work as a missionary without practicing your profession alongside. There is need for Medical Practitioners to help out solve medical issues on the mission fields, Teachers to help in education programs among the Unreached People, Administrators to serve with their skill as well, and so on.



The local church is a seedbed for mission work and mission growth. Mission growth in any generation is a reflection of church understanding and commitment to mission. Missionaries are disciples, nurtured and sent from their local church. People who pray and give for missions are equally nurtured and disciple in their local church.  If pastors of local churches can understand and play their role in mission, missionary work will advance very fast. Making your church a missionary church by encouraging those who go as full time missionaries, those who pray and those who give are possible and wonderful ways you can play your role in mission.



Serving as a full time  missionary either on short or long term basis, reaching out to the spiritual and physical needs of serving missionaries and the needs of mission works, either on the field or office are all  important. Spiritual and financial supports are both needed in every area and in every level in missions. Those who go and those who support are doing the same work pursuing the same goal, and no one is doing a better work than the other. Some people who support wish they are called to go as full time while some who are serving full time wish they are called to support. This is not supposed to be so; no one or role is superior above the other. It is important for each person to identify his or her role in mission and play it faithfully and joyfully. We are called to the work together, but each of us plays different roles and God demands faithfulness.

God bless you

Matthew Olorunnaiye